1860 Census of Santa Clara, Santa Clara, California

Page No 252

Enumerated by T. B. Lully on July 31, 1860

H F Name A S R Work Real Estate Personal Born N
2074 112 Peter Haun 66 M Gardener 2500 Ohio
Jane Haun 59 F Kentucky
John M. Haun 20 M Day laborer Missouri
Mahala F. Haun 16 F Missouri
Thomas Eaton 29 M Day laborer Virginia
Thomas Eaton 8 M California 1
John Eagen? 30 M Day laborer Ohio

Page No 499

Enumerated by T. B. Lully on August 6, 1860

H F Name A S R Work Real Estate Personal Born N
2249 279 J. D. Geary 56 m Farmer $12,000 Switzerland
Elizabeth Geary 45 f Tenn
Susan Geary 16 f Arks 1
Mary Geary 11 f Cal 1
John Geary 14 m La 1
Gabriel Geary 8 m Cal 1
Henry Geary 6 m Cal 1
Wm Geary 4 m Cal


  1. Attended school within the year
  2. []


Page No = The page number in the census book

Enumerator = The person who visited the home and collected the information

H = household number (in the order it was enumerated)

F = family number (in the order they were enumerated)

A = Age

S = Sex or gender

R = Race

Work = occupation and industry

Real Estate = Total value of Real Estate

Personal = Total value of Personal Property

N = Notes, see the individuals number in the Notes section for more information