1900 Census of Brooklyn (Ward 22), Kings, New York

SD: No 2; ED: No 370; Sheet No 4

Enumerated by Philip Scherff on June 4, 1900

H F Name Relationship R S B M C Born Father Mother I Work N
58 88 Campbell, John Head W M Oct 1845 27 New York Scotland Scotland Stone cutter 1
Campbell, Margeretta Wife W F Feb 1852 27 1/1 New York New York New York
Campbell, Lillian Daughter W F Oct 1879 S New York New York New York Stenographer 2


  1. Address is 211 13th St. Unemployed for three months. Rents his home.
  2. Employed all of the previous year.


SD = Supervisor's District

ED = Enumeration District

Sheet No = The page number in the census book

Enumerator = The person who visited the home and collected the information

H = household number (in the order it was enumerated)

F = family number (in the order they were enumerated)

Relationship = The relationship of each person in the household to the "Head" of the household

R = Race

S = Sex or gender

B = The month and year born

M = Marital status. The # of years if married or S, D or W refers to Single, Divorced or Widow

C = The number of children born / The number of children still living

I = Immigration status. The year they arrived in the United States and alien (Al) vs naturalized citizen (Na)

Work = occupation and industry

N = Notes, see the individuals number in the Notes section for more information