Brooklyn, Kings, New York - June 1, 1905

New York State Census

This record includes the Tandy, Pitbladdo and Campbell families, all of whom were related and living on the same block of the same street. I have also included here the English family and other boarders that are listed between the families in order to show how close they all where to each other.

Note: Van Brunt Tandy is listed at the end of page 30 while his wife Elizabeth, and the rest of the listings here, are at the top of page 31.

Enumeration of the Inhabitants living in 14th Election District, Block B, 12th Assembly District, Borough of BROOKLYN, County of KINGS, State of NEW YORK, on June 1, 1905. - George W. Sullivan, Enumerator

Address Name Relation Color Sex Age Born Job
215 13th St Tandy Van Brunt Head white m 20 US Statinery Hand?
Tandy Elizabeth wife white f 31 US housework
Tandy Bethea daughter white f 5/12 US at home
Howison?, Catherine Servant white f 17 US Servant
Pitbladdo, Thomas Jr. B in law white m 28 US Monument Yard
Pitbladdo, Margaret A Boarder white f 21 US Housework
Thompson, Janet J. Boarder white f 14 US at school 10/12
213 13th St English, Thomas Head white m 76 Ireland retired
English, Margaret wife white f 75 Ireland retired
English, Michael son white m 40 US Policeman
211 13th St Campbell, John H. Head white m 59 US Stone Setter
Campbell, Margaretta A. wife white f 53 US Housework
Campbell, Lillian daughter white f 25 US Housework
Cash, William J. Boarder white m 27 US Letter Carrier