1920 Census Template and Key

SD: No []; ED: No []; Sheet No []

Enumerated by [] on []

H F Name Relation S R A M I Nat Born Father Mother Work N


  1. []
  2. []


SD = Supervisor's District

ED = Enumeration District

Sheet No = The page number in the census book

Enumerator = The person who visited the home and collected the information

H = household number (in the order it was enumerated)

F = family number (in the order they were enumerated)

Relation = The relationship of each person in the household to the "Head" of the household

S = Sex or gender

R = Race

A = Age

M = Marital status. The # of years if married or S, D or W refers to Single, Divorced or Widow

I = Immigration status. They year they arrived in the United States.

Nat = Year of naturalization, if naturalized.

Work = occupation and industry

N = Notes, see the individuals number in the Notes section for more information