The Adams Sentinel (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)

July 30, 1828

Baltimore, July 14
Extensive Robbery and prompt Apprehension of the Robbers.

On Saturday afternoon about three o'clock, Messrs. Ross and Riggs, two of our most efficient police officers, received advices that on the night previous, at 11 o'clock, the locked room of the dwelling of His Excellency the Chevalier Huygens, the minister near the United States from the Netherlands, at Washington, had been opened by three of his servants, and plate and jewellery of great value, and money to the amount of about $300, taken therefrom; The officers above named with their usual promptness and sagacity at once deliberated and decided on the course most proper to be pursued; and at half past six, (in three and a half hours from the time they received the information, had two of the culprits in custody, and probably nearly all of the valuable effects of which they had purloined from their master. Mr. Ross having taken a different direction, Mr. Riggs took the York road, and about 4 miles from the city, at a tavern, caught the three in a room, napping, but one of them succeeded in making his escape. Their names are Francois Auguste Michand, Ferdinand Michand, and Jean David Guerraz; the second one escaped; but will probably be apprehended - his stature is about 5 feet 6 inches. The property found in their possession, consists of three boxes of jewellery, a trunk of silver plate, and $131 in notes, principally of the Georgetown Bank.