Ann Urwin (1805-1863)
Father unknown
Mother unknown
Vital Information
Born 1805 in Westleigh, Lancashire, England
Married Henry Robinson (1806-1871) - Oct 14, 1829 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, England
Died Oct 11, 1863 in San Jose, Santa Clara, California
1 John George Robinson (1831-1909) m. Mary Albina Kelly
2 Henry James Robinson (1834-1913) m. Suzanne Guerraz
3 Mary Ann Robinson (1837-1902) m. Edward E. Doty
4 James Peter Robinson (1843-1904)

Very little is currently know about Ann Urwin. We know that she was born around 1805 according to two census records and an old family note says that she was born in "Westleigh" which is believed to have been Westleigh, Lancashire, England - but this is unconfirmed. She married Henry Robinson on October 14, 1829 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, England according to indexes but the original record has not yet been seen to confirm if any additional information with clues to her origins might be included.

She and her young family, consisting of just one known son at this point, moved to the United States sometime in 1832-1834 where their second son, Henry James Robinson was born in 1834. They then moved to Santa Clara County, California by 1852 where they are found in the state census of that year. She is seen one last time, in San Jose, California in the 1860 federal census, before her death in San Jose on October 11, 1863. Her grave has not yet been found.