Bernhard Sutter (1835-1889)
Father Johann Sutter
Mother Sophia Marie
Vital Information
Born c1835 in Prussia (estimated)
Married Theresa Kuhlmann (1837-1923) - July 17, 1866 at the Roemisch-Katholische, Hiddingsel, Dülmen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Prussia
Died 1889 in Issaquah, King, Washington
1 Wilhelm "William" Sutter (1865-aft 1940) m. Anna Dora "Annie" Goebel
2 Theresia J. Sutter (1870-1936) m. Julius Heinrich Gustav Getschmann
3 Bernhard Sutter (1873-1902) m. Flora E. Foster
4 Conrad J. "Jack" Sutter (1875-1941) m. Eva Dockery
5 Johann "John" Sutter (1880-1920)

Bernhard Sutter was born in modern Germany in about 1835. I currently believe that he was the son of Johann Sutter and uncle of Henry John Sutter. It is estimated that his specific birthplace may have been Hiddingsel, Dülmen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Prussia - a small village just east of the city of Dülmen. This village is his earliest known residence and it is where he married Theresa Kuhlmann, daughter of Peter Kuhlmann, on June 17, 1866 at the Roemisch-Katholische (Roman Catholic church). The family moved to Gelsenkirchen, Nordrhein-Westfalen by 1875 where they lived at Friedrichstraße No 161. They were at this location when two of their sons were born and baptized in 1875 (Conrad) and in 1880 (Johann). In 1885, when Bernhard, along with son Conrad, moved to Seattle, Washington they were living in Schalke, a suburb of Gelsenkirchen now famous for it's German soccer team. Bernhard claimed his declaration of citizenship in Seattle in July of 1887 but died in Issaquah, King Washington in 1889 before he had a chance to become a full citizen.

Bernhard Sutter married Theresa Kuhlmann June 17, 1866 at the Roemisch-Katholische in Hiddingsel, Dülmen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Prussia.