Bridget O'Flannagan (1771-Aft. 1822)

We do not know where Bridget was born, but we do know that she was living on a farm in eastern Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary War, when she was five years old. She would later recall to her children that she and her mother could hear the cannon fire from the Battle of Brandywine and that the men in her family were fighting in the battle with Washington. She married Gilbert Smith, of whom we know almost nothing, and they continued on in Pennsylvania where they had at least two children - Henry Gilbert Smith in 1799 and Nancy Priscilla Smith in 1805. Gilbert abandoned the family when the children were still quite young. It is rumored that he left for Texas, which was at that time still part of Mexico. He returned a few years later, but by this time the kids were old enough to help and she refused him. He was gone the next morning. It was suggested that Bridget was still involved with the family when Priscilla married James Hastings in 1822, and she most likely continued to live in eastern Pennsylvania for quite some time afterward, but there is no mention of her in the family narrative and she has not yet been found in any documents.

Gilbert and Priscilla had at least children (but there were more), they are:

  1. Henry Gilbert Smith (1799-1868) m. Lavina Rogers
  2. Nancy Priscilla Smith (1805-1885) m. James William Hastings



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