Charles Hamilton Ross (1868-1941)
Father David Ross (1824-1896)
Mother Emily Chosse (1839-1912)
Vital Information
Born Nov 1, 1868 in Lancaster, Glengarry, Ontario, Canada
Married Josephine Johanna Anderson (1878-1960) - c1897 in Oakland, Alameda, California
Died Feb 12, 1941 at home in Oakland, Alameda, California
1 Lillian Wanda Ross Porter (1899-1918) m. Edwin Leslie Porter
2 unknown Ross (aft 1900-bef 1910)
3 Elsie May Ross (1901-1968) m. Wallace Sheldon and Charles Wallis
4 Gordon Charles Ross (1903-1979) m. Neva Ruth Tenbrook, Floy Sylvia Hayes, Caroline Henningsen, Anna Lee Hester
5 Grace W. Ross (1905-1916)
6 Stanley Hamilton Ross (1910-aft 1940) m. Lydia F. Hebel
7 Corinne A. Ross (1916-1963) m. Thomas Baxter Cumbow Jr

Charles Hamilton Ross was born Hamilton, Glengarry, Ontario, Canada on November 1, 1868 to David Ross and Emily Chosse. According to later records he arrived in the United States in 1890-1892 and began working as a carpenter in the shipyards of Oakland, California. He met and married Josephine Johanna Anderson in about 1898. The most likely met when he stayed as a guest at the Railroad Exchange Hotel where Josephine worked and lived, the hotel being owned by her aunt Johanna Anderson and her husband Olaf Anderson. Charles died on October 12, 1941. Family tradition states that he died of asphyxiation by gas. The story, which has not yet been substantiated, is that Josephine left the gas stove on by accident when she went to the store. The house was closed up and when she returned she found Charles dead.


Census Records

  1. 1900 Census: 6th Ward of Oakland, Alameda, California - June 4, 1900

Voter Registration

  1. 1924: Ross, Charles H., Rt 1, Bx 2280 (Oakland Precinct No 272), shipwright. Rep
  2. 1926: Ross, Charles H, RFD 1, Box 2280, Lincoln ave (Oakland Precinct No 284), shipwright. Rep
  3. 1928: Ross, Charles H, Box 2280, RFD 1, (Oakland Precinct No 288), shipwright. Rep
  4. 1930: Ross, Charles H, 2378 Tiffin Road (Oakland), carpenter. Rep
  5. 1932: Ross, Charles H, 2362 Tiffin Road (Oakland Precinct No 288), shipwright. Dem
  6. 1934: Ross, Charles H, 2362 Tiffin Road (Oakland Precinct No 288), shipwright. Rep
  7. 1936: Ross, Charles H, 2362 Tiffin Road (Oakland Precinct No 291), carpenter. Rep
  8. 1938: Ross, Charles H, 2362 Tiffin Road (Oakland Precinct No 413), carpenter. Rep
  9. 1940: Ross, Charles H, 2362 Tiffin Road (Oakland Precinct No 415), carpenter. Rep