David Ross (1824-1896)
Father John Ross (1794-?)
Mother Margaret Ross (1795-?)
Vital Information
Born July 26, 1824 in Hugh Miller's Cottage, Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty, Sctoland
Married Emily Chosse (1839-1912) - c1861 in Alexandria Bay, Jefferson, New York
Died 1896 in the forest of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
1 Margaret Adelaide Ross (1862-1925) m. Edmund Eugene Kingsley
2 John David Ross (1863-1924) m. Agnes Rattray Brown
3 Murdoch Gordon Ross (1866-after 1921) m. Jemima "Minnie" Gale
4 Charles Hamilton Ross (1868-1941) m. Josephine Johanna Anderson
5 Joseph Edward Ross (1871-1927) m. Eliza Corning McConnell
6 Emily "Emma" Ross (1877-1960) m. Laurence Doiron and David Brown
7 Janette "Jenny" Ross (1880-1937) m. Frank Anthony Ruff

David Ross was born in the Hugh Miller cottage in Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland on July 26, 1824 to John Ross and Margaret Ross (same surname but two different Ross families). He became a carpenter and joined the Royal Navy in April of 1846 when he joined the HMS Constance. He left the Constance in Portsmouth in Dec 1849 and joined HMS Excellent on Whale Island the next day. This was a training vessel. He was present at the Siege of Sebastopol. He ended up in Alexandria Bay, Ontario, possibly arriving on the HSM Jury. There he married Emily Chosse in 1861. They moved to Lancaster, Glengarry, Ontario where they lived from at least 1863 until 1891 when they moved to a large and beautiful property at the foot of Mt. Ida in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. One day in 1896 David went out of the house to go hunting and never returned home. Part of his body was found several months later with additional pieces found nearby over the course of the next few days. It was determined that he had suffered a heart attack and died against a tree, his body was partly taken by animals.

Although David's final resting place has not been 100% confirmed, he seems to have been buried at the Salmon Arm Cemetery, also known as the Mt. Ida Cemetery. From research and emails from 2011 I was able to confirm, from his obituary, that his remains were "given into the custody of the Rev. J. Calvert for interment" and "the remains were interred with becoming services in the Methodist Cemetery." I also determined that the Rev. James Calvert arrived in Salmon Arm in 1894 and that the Methodist Church was built at "Hegeman's Corner" in 1895. This church closed in 1909 and the congregation moved to town. This land known as Hedgmen's (the correct spelling) Corner was located at what is now 30th street and the Trans-Canadian Highway. A later history transcribed that arrangements were made for a cemetery, "a site has been chosen on a beautiful knoll about a mile from Mr. Shaw's house and an acre of land purchased from Mr. Jas. Allan. Money was voted to procure the lumber and have a picket fence put around the plot". On Feb 9, 1894 the Inland Sentinel in Kamloops noted that the James Allen homestead was located along Foothills Road. Unfortunately there is no record of David Ross in the Mt. Ida Cemetery listing but local historians suggest that this means there is no stone, and not confirmation that he's not there. So while there is no official record of his burial, the above information seems to suggest the Salmon Arm aka Mt. Ida Cemetery as his final resting place.