Elizabeth Sheldon Sunderland (c1682-aft 1733)
Father John Sheldon (c1660-1705)
Mother unknown
Vital Information
Born c1682 in Rhode Island
Married Daniel Sunderland - before 1704 in Rhode Island
Died after 1733
1 Daniel Sunderland
2 John Sunderland
3 son Sunderland
4 Elizabeth Sunderland (b c1702) m. John Case Jr - c1720
5 Margaret Sunderland (b c1707) m. Pasko Austin - Oct 25, 1725
6 Sarah Sunderland (b c1715) m. Henry Straight - July 5, 1733 in West Greenwich, Rhode Island
7 Mercy Sunderland
8 Joseph Sunderland
9 Samuel Sunderland

Unfortunately we have hardly any information on Daniel and Elizabeth. The only real document that mentions them is the 1704 will of John Sheldon, Elizabeth's father. In it he mentioned that he had previously given Daniel Sunderland, whom he described as his son-in-law, 20 acres in Kings Town. This was part of a the west half of a larger tract of land that he owned there. The rest of the west half he gave to his son Isaac and the east half he gave to his son Joseph. John also gave each of his daughters, including Elizabeth, 4 pounds. All that this really tells us about Daniel and Elizabeth is that they were living in Kings Town in 1704 and that they were already married by that time.

The only other document that I have been able to find is a book called the Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island which, from what I have gathered so far, is very accurate and seems to only be based on documentation. I have no yet found any errors at all. In it they list the children of Daniel and Elizabeth in the following order: Daniel, John, a son, Elizabeth, Margaret, Sarah, Mercy, Joseph and Samuel. They do not give any information about them or if this order is random or not, but it seems to not be too random. They list Daniel first, which would make sense - giving the first male child the same name as the father. They list "a son" third, which would normally be put at the end of the list if they did not know what order the unnamed child was born in. Then we have three of the daughters, Elizabeth, Margaret and Sarah. We can at least generally gather that this is correct as the births of their first children and/or marriages also progress in the same order. Nothing is known of the last three children, Mercy, Joseph and Samuel as of yet.