Evening Post (New York, New York)

July 21, 1828

The late Robbery at Washington - The Chevalier Huygens arrived at Baltimore on Wednesday from Washington and identified the property which had been stolen from him, as well as the prisoners, his servants. We understand that the valuables which had been deposited in the Mechanics' Bank amounted to nearly all that was taken; probably a watch or two, and some other articles, inconsiderable in value, may still be missing. A pocket book with a spring lock was found among the treasure, on opening which $80 in bills of the remaining $170 were therein deposited. - The Chevalier has been recognized to appear against the prisoners, whose trials we further learn will come on in this city in September next, in the Baltimore County Court. Ferinand Michand, one of the thieves, is yet at large, although every industry has been made to apprehend him.