Flanagan Hastings (1833-Aft. 1861)

Flanagan Hastings was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in about 1833 to James William Hastings and Nancy Priscilla Smith. He moved with his parents to Madison, Indiana when still quite young and continued with them to Hopkins County, Texas in 1850. During the trip to Texas he lost his father and three of his sisters to cholera. Being seventeen years old, he would have been the greatest help to his widowed mother at their new settlement. He married a girl named Sarah some time around 1856 and they had a daughter, Mary M. Hastings, in about 1857. In August of 1861, while living on a farm with his wife adjacent to his mother, he joined the Confederate army. I have not found a record of him after that time and it's very possible that he died during the war.


Census Records

  1. 1850 Census: Madison, Jefferson, Indiana - August 15, 1850
  2. 1860 Census: Tarrant Postoffice, Hopkins, Texas - August 1860


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