Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island

Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island


This is a transcription of my relatives listed in this work published in 1887.


(Notation: American Genealogist, v. 27)

John SHELDON of Kings Town, died 1706

Kings Town, R. I.
1679, Jul. 29. He and forty-one others of Narragansett, petitioned the King, praying that he "would put an end to these differences about the government thereof which hath been so fatal to the prosperity of the place; animosities still arising in peoples minds as they stand affected to this or that government."
1683, Oct. 20. He bought 230 acres near Pettacomscott, for L7, of Benjamin Congdon.
1704, Aug. 15. Will - proved 1706, Jan. 16. Ex. son John. To eldest son John, dwelling house I now live in and land belonging to it. To son Isaac, half of a tract of land in Kings Town (except 20 acres formerly given my son-in-law Daniel Sunderland), the western part with dwelling house. To son Joseph, eastern part of said tract. To daughter Elizabeth Sunderland, L4. To daughters Abigail, Mary and Dinah Sheldon, each L4. To son Joseph, two steers, two heifers and a saddle. To son John, rest of estate and he to take care of my honoured mother Sarah Sheldon, and pay children as they come of age, said legacies. Inventor, L125, 7s, 6d., viz: a feather bad, 2 wool beds, pewter, warming pan, books 10s, gun, cutlass, bandolins, stillyards, carpenter's tools,4 cows, 2 steers, 2 two year old, a yearling, 2 calves, 4 geldings, 4 mares, 31 sheep and lambs, 15 swine, 2 pair wool cards, 4 chairs, 2 tables, shoemaking tools, 20 loads hay, &c.


I. John, born in Kings Town, m. 1706, April 11 to Herodias Watson, daughter of John & Dorcas (Gardiner). 1712, Freeman.

  1. John, born 1707, Feb 10
  2. Dorcas, born 1708, Jan 4
  3. George, born 1709, May 25
  4. Samuel, born 1714, Jan 15
  5. William, born 1715, Mar 27
  6. Elizabeth, born 1720, Mar 31
  7. Sarah, born 1722, Mar 26

II. Isaac, born South Kingstown, RI, died 1752. Married (1) Susanna Potter, born 1688, Jun 28, daughter of Thomas & Susanna (Tripp) Potter. Married (2) Sarah, died after 1751. 1712, Freeman. 1751, May 31. Will - proved 1752, Aug. 25. Ex. son Isaac. To wife Sarah, L150, and household goods she brought when I married her. To son Thomas, 5s, he having had already. To son Roger, 5s. To daughter Elizabeth Tanner, a silver spoon. To son Isaac, all my homestead farm, 166 acres, where I live, and buildings, he paying debts, &c. To sons John, Joseph and Benjamin, L100, each. To son Benjamin, wearing apparel. To daughter Sarah, a feather bed, L150, and use of store bed room while single. To granddaughter Deliverance Reynolds, L5. To granddaughter Susanna Reynolds, a silver spoon. To grandson James Sheldon, son of Isaac, L50. To son Isaac, rest of real and personal.

  1. Thomas, 1709, Feb 18
  2. Roger, 1710, Dec. 15
  3. Elizabeth, 1713, Nov. 8
  4. Isaac, 1716, Mar 4
  5. John, 1718, Aug 21
  6. Susanna, 1710, Oct 23
  7. Joseph, 1721, Mar 17
  8. Palmer, 1724, May 16
  9. Benjamin, 1727, Mar 4
  10. Sarah (from 2nd wife), 1735, Jan 3

III. Joseph (no information given)

IV. Elizabeth, m Daniel Sunderland, died 1733.

  1. Daniel
  2. John
  3. son
  4. Elizabeth
  5. Margaret
  6. Sarah
  7. Mercy
  8. Joseph
  9. Samuel

V. Abigail

VI. Mary

VII. Dinah, m. Jabez Gifford