Gideon Sheldon (1776-1805)
Father Isaac Sheldon (1730-1813)
Mother Sarah Gifford (1723-?)
Vital Dates
Born c1776 in Pawling, Dutchess, New York
Married Rhoda Gillet (1773-1868) - c1799 in New York
Died November 1805 in Willsboro, Essex, New YOrk
Children with Gideon and Rhoda
1 Deborah Ann Sheldon (1800-1827) m. Zebulon Baker
2 Hiram Sheldon (1802-1804)
3 Gideon Sheldon (1804-c1855) m. Sarah Ann Stafford

Gideon Sheldon was born at Pawling, Dutchess, New York in 1776 to Isaac Sheldon and Sarah Gifford. He married Rhoda Gillet sometime around 1799/1800. He is not found in the 1790 or 1800 census which suggests that he was not the head of household in either of those years. He was likely living with his father or a sibling when those records were taken, and those families can be found in Willsboro at those time. He and Rhoda may have been the man and woman in their late 20's living with his father Isaac in the 1800 census. This would have been just before the birth of their daughter Deborah, no infant was listed.

The circumstances of his death are unclear but he seems to have been aware of his impending death at a remarkably young age. He wrote a will on August 12, 1805 when he was only 29 years old and died three months later in November 1805 in Willsborough, Essex, New York. He left behind two children. A third had died the year before him. It's impossible to say with any real certainty what he died of, but considering the time and length of illness it is likely that it was tuberculosis which was known as consumption at the time. A very common, slow and deadly illness with no cure. It would explain not only his long illness but his clear understanding that he would not recover.



  1. Isaac Sheldon - Willsboro, Essex, New York (most likely living with his father)

Wills and Probate

  1. Gideon Sheldon - August 12, 1805 in Willsboro, Essex, New York
  2. Isaac Sheldon - March 4, 1808 in Essex, Essex, New York; recorded June 28, 1813