Hanna Nilsdotter (1817-1871)
Father unknown
Mother unknown
Vital Information
Born June 2, 1817 in Lyngby, Skåne, Sweden
Married Anders Jönsson (1807-1866) - Apr 18, 1847 in Skåne, Sweden
Died November 26, 1871 in Östra Svenstorp No 2, Svedala, Skåne, Sweden
1 Karna Andersdotter (1848-1902) m. Rasmus Andersson
2 Maria Andersdotter (born 1851)
3 Johanna Andersdotter (born 1854) m. Olaf Andersson
4 Jöns Andersson (1860-1919)

According to household records Hanna Nilsdotter was born in Lyngby, Svedala, Skane, Sweden on June 2, 1817. However, I have not found any record of her until 1843 when she is listed as living at No 5, Defvelstorp, Svedala where she had just moved from Skabersjö. She married Anders Jönsson on April 18, 1847 and they were living in Tittenté by 1848 when their first daughter was born on January 16th, exactly 9 months later.