Henrÿ John Sutter (1858-1919)
Father John Sutter
Mother Sophia Setturn
Vital Information
Born October 1858 in Germany
Married Mariette Goebel (1877-1938) - Oct 3, 1892 at the Church of St. Bernard, White River, King, Washington
Died May 19, 1919 in Issaquah, King, Washington
1 Helen Sutter (1893-1966) m. Joseph Settem, Gunnar Udd & Nikolas Bozich
2 Henry William Tell Sutter (1895-1956) m. Pearl Laverna Haun
3 Fred F. Sutter (1897-1977) m. Leona Randa
4 Sophie Marie "Jo" Sutter (1898-aft 1956) m. Mr. Griffin and Mr. Price
5 Mard Sutter (c1902-Bef 1910)

Henrÿ John Sutter was born in Germany in October 1858 according to all known second source documentation, but his origins are still very obscure. Family oral tradition says that he was born in Paris but the reason for this is unknown. He seems to have been raised by Bernhard Sutter and Theresa Kuhlmann, but their marriage occurred after he was born. Oral tradition also suggests that he was adopted and one cousin line says that his father may have been the Bergmeister of Munich but this also has not been verified. His death record notes his parents as John Sutter and Sophia Setturn, names that have not been found elsewhere as of yet. The current theory is that John Sutter and Bernhard Sutter were brothers, both the sons of an earlier Johann Sutter, born about 1779, and his wife Sophia Marie. We can, however, trace a bit of his past through Bernhard, for whom some documentation has been found. We know that Henry was 8 years old when Bernhard and Theresa were married in Hiddingsel, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany in 1866. By 1875 the family was in Gelsenkirchen and when Bernhard left Germany for America on July 15, 1885 he was living in Schalke, a suburb of Gelsenkirchen. Henry, however, left for Germany a little earlier. Census records indicate that he came to the United States in 1882, and we do find a Heinrich Sutter sailing in steerage aboard the ship Devonia that year. He filed his declaration of intent to become a citizen of the United States in Thurston County, Washington on October 6, 1884, even before Bernhard left Germany. He became a naturalized citizen in King County, Washington in June of 1890.


Census Records

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  2. 1905 State Census: Sterling, Hodgeman, Kansas
  3. 1910 Census: Gilman, King, Washington