James William Hastings (1795-1850)

James William Hastings was born in Virginia in about 1795 but moved to Pennsylvania at a young age. He was already working as a glass blower in Pittsburgh by 1813, at the age fo 18, when he met the 8 year old Priscilla at a picnic. He thought the young girl would grow to be a beauty and vowed to return when she came of age to marry her. He did return eight years later, and married Nancy Priscilla Smith in Pittsburgh in 1822 and they had several children before moving to Madison, Indiana (some time between 1838 and 1846) where the rest of the children were born. In 1850 the family decided to move to Texas. During the trip along the Mississippi River, James became ill with cholera. He and at least three of there daughters died.

James and Priscilla had about thirteen children, although only 8 can be named:

  1. Jane Hastings (1823-1823)
  2. Jane Hastings (1828-Aft. 1870) m. Simon P. Bare
  3. Deborah Ann Hastings (1829-1885) m. Charles Wesley Jones
  4. Flanagan Hastings (1833-Aft. 1860) m. Sarah
  5. John Hastings (1835-Aft. 1860) never married
  6. Nancy Elizabeth Hastings (1838-?) m. James D. Houghton
  7. Agnes Prescilla Hastings (1845-?) m. James Harrison Wood
  8. Smith Gilbert Hastings (1845-1885) m. Mary Jane Carlin
  9. a daughter, died of cholera in 1850
  10. a daughter, died of cholera in 1850
  11. a daughter, died of cholera in 1850
  12. unknown child
  13. unknown child


Census Records

  1. 1850 Census: Madison, Jefferson, Indiana - August 15, 1850