Jane Hastings Bare (1828-?)

Jane Hastings was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in about 1828 to James William Hastings and Priscilla Smith. In the 1840's her family moved to Madison, Indiana where she met Simon Bare. They were married in Jefferson County, Indiana on January 3, 1850. Shortly after their marriage Jane's parents and siblings moved onto Texas, but four of them died of cholera during the trip, leaving her mother alone. Simon and Jane eventually followed to Texas, at least by 1858, and had a homestead at Birthright in Hopkins County, adjacent to the property of Jane's mother Priscilla. We have no further record of her and her after the 1870 census.

Simon and Jane had at least four children, they were:

  1. John N. Bare (born 1852)
  2. Charles J. Bare (born 1857)
  3. Catherine Bare (born 1859)
  4. George T? Bare (born 1862)


Census Records

  1. 1850 Census: Saluda Township, Jefferson, Indiana - August 28, 1850
  2. 1860 Census: Tarrant Postoffice, Hopkins, Texas - August 1860
  3. 1870 Census: Bright Star, Hopkins, Texas - August 13, 1870


  1. Narrative: Maternal Lineage of John D. Jones

Vital Records

  1. Indiana Marriage Index: to Simon P. Bare in Jefferson County, Jan 3, 1850