Jane "Jinny" Moody (1800-1879)
Father Joseph Grover Moody (1777-1821)
Mother Judith Creason (1782-1840)
Vital Information
Born November 28, 1800 in Kentucky
Married Peter Haun (1793-1873) - August 27, 1818 in St. Charles County, Missouri
Died October 18, 1879 in Santa Clara, Santa Clara, California
1 Zimiriah "Zimry" Haun (1822-1890) m. Elizabeth Whisman
2 unknown son (born between 1820-1825) - per 1830 census
3 Mary Ann Haun (1824-1903) m. William D. Hudson
4 unknown son (born between 1825-1830) - per 1830 census
5 Huldah Haun (1826-1914) m. William Loftridge Joyce
6 Matilda Haun (1828-1899) m. Andrew Jackson Moody Sr and Lewis Gardner
7 Elizabeth Jane Haun (1831-1912) m. Christopher Mann
8 John Moody Haun (born 1840)
9 Mahala Frances Haun (1844-1928) m. Marcus Lafayette Cave

Jane "Jinny" Moody was born in Kentucky on November 28, 1800 to Joseph Grover Moody and Judith Creason. She was married to Peter Haun on August 27, 1818 in St. Charles County, Missouri. For some unknown reason she is not enumerated with the family in the 1830 census as no females over the age of 20 are marked. She is, however, back for the 1840 and is listed by name in the 1860 and 1870 census. She died in the city of Santa Clara, California on October 18, 1879, likely in the home located on the block that they owned bounded by Clay (now Camino Real), Madison, Monroe and Lewis streets.


Cemetery Records

  1. Find-a-Grave

Census Records

  1. 1830 Census: Charette, Montgomery, Missouri (not tallied with family)
  2. 1840 Census: Persia, Boone County, Missouri
  3. 1860 Census: Santa Clara, Santa Clara County, California
  4. 1870 Census: Santa Clara, Santa Clara County, California