Johann Sutter (?1779 - Aft 1832)
Father unknown
Mother unknown
Vital Information
Born c1779
Married Sophia Marie - c1799
Died after 1832
1 John Sutter m. Sophia Setturn
2 Bernhard Sutter m. Theresa Kuhlmann

Everything that we currently know about Johann Sutter is from an inscription that was written on the back of a painting or sketch, the original which has since been lost to us. I have never had the pleasure of seeing it but my grandmother recalls it and passed to me a translation of the inscription, which was originally written in German. It reads as follows:

- —— Johann Sutter and his companion Beligsals were taken by the Turks behind Mount Sinai on the foot of Mt. Claubo and served as a slave from 1809-1811, that is for one year and eleven months.

- "Oh, precious and beloved husband! Today, by the grace of god, we are gathered to celebrate on the 54th anniversary of your given name. How many of these years we were forced to live in sorrow! When harsh fate struck you and snatched you from me for eleven years logic, our sighs and laments finally made god relent and release you from the tyrany of slavery. Let us rejoice in out thirty-four years to be lived in happiness and wellbeing."

- Sophia Marie Sutter, 1833""

From this we can gather that Johann was born in about 1779 and that he entered the army in 1799/1800. He served in the army for eleven years and was captured by the Turks in Egypt in 1809. As this was Egypt it was most likely the French army that Johann joined.

It is currently my belief that Johannn and Sophia Marie were the parents of the John Sutter, husband of Sophia Setturn who is listed as the father of Henry John Sutter on his 1918 death certificate, and is also the father of Bernhard Sutter, husband of Theresa Kuhlmann, of moved to Issaquah, Washington and seems to have raised Henry John Sutter as his own.

A great deal of addition research is needed.