John Campbell (1812-1850)

Born: 1812 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

  • Father: unknown
  • Mother: unknown

Married: May 29, 1833 in Drumbanagher, Monaghan, Ireland

Died: December 10, 1850 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York

Children of John Campbell and Euphemia Pitbladdo:

  1. Mary Campbell (1836-1931) m. William Wallace Barbour Sheldon
  2. Anna Campbell (1837-1881) m. William Morrell Whitenack
  3. Euphemia Campbell (1841-1920) m. Rev. Dr. Henry Baker and William J. Bower
  4. John Henry Pitbladdo Campbell (1845-1921)
  5. William H. Campbell (1850-Aft. 1906)
  6. Lela Campbell


John Campbell was born in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland and was said to have "came of a long-lived family of sturdy-spirited Scottish ancestors". He married Euphemia Pitbladdo in Drumbanagher, Ireland in 1833, but their reason for being in Ireland at that time is currently unknown. It doesn't seem that they were there for long as they immigrated to New York shortly after the marriage, departing Liverpool, England on the Ship Sheffield on April 4, 1834. They were listed as "Jno", a stonecutter, and Euphemia Campbell, both 23 of Scotland. Although "Jno" is usually used for "Jonathan", ever man by the name of John was listed this way on the manifest and our John is never listed as "Jonathan" on any other document. Also on the ship was William Pitbladdo, Euphemia's brother. John died in Brooklyn, Kings, New York in December 1850 and was buried at Green Wood Cemetery.


Cemetery Records

1. Green Wood Cemetery: Brooklyn, Kings, New York - December 12, 1850

Census Records

1. 1850 Census: Brooklyn, New York - August 21, 1850


1. John Henry Pitbladdo Campbell - American Biography: A New Cyclopedia, Vol 10 (about 1921)

Ship Manifests

1. Ship Sheffield - Liverpool to New York, April 1834