John House (?-1752)
Father unknown
Mother unknown
Vital Information
Born unknown
Married Susannah
Died August 1752 in Frederick County, Maryland
1 Andrew House
2 George House
3 William House
4 Valentine House
5 Susannah House

Very little is currently known about John. He wrote his last will in Frederick County, Maryland in February of 1752. In this he notes his "dearly beloved wife" Susannah, who is assumed to be the mother of his children. One third of his estate went to wife, with the remaining being shared equally to his "five children", whom he names as Andrew, George, William, Valentine, and Susannah. Although there is nothing to guess at the ages of the children in the Will itself, other than perhaps that Susannah might be younger (she is the last listed as is not given a married name, suggesting she is not yet married). Interesting all four of the sons took part in the administration of the Will and estate equally which can suggest that they still lived in the area and that they were capable of working together. The very long and detailed inventory was undertaken by impartial third parties - Joseph Smith and John Kimbol, but the sons George and Valentine were present at the taken of the inventory and appraisal of each item, and both agreed to their validity. The Will itself was executed by the other two sons - Andrew and William.

We can also gather a great deal from the inventory of the his estate. Some interesting points. We'll start with the bad one, but not unexpected for the time - "1 servant woman". Although today we don't really think of Maryland as being a slave state like the deep south, it was actually prominent with the tobacco trade. This unnamed woman was likely a house slave to support the family.


Wills and Probate

  1. Will and Inventory: John House, 1752, Frederick Co., Maryland