Karna Andersdotter Anderson (1848-1902)
Father Anders Jönsson (1807-1866)
Mother Hanna Nilsdotter (1817-1871)
Vital Information
Born Jan 16, 1848 in Tittenté, Svedala, Skåne, Sweden
Married Rasmus Andersson (1840-1897) - May 24, 1891 in Malmö Sankt Pauli, Skåne, Sweden
Died May 26, 1902 in Malmö Karoli, Skåne, Sweden
Children Karna and an unknown father
1 Johanna Josefina Andersson (1878-1960) m. Charles Hamilton Ross
Children Karna and Rasmus Andersson
2 Anna Matilda Carolina Andersson (1892-1969) m. Charles Albert Bischoff

Karna Andersdotter was born January 16, 1848 in Tittenté, Malmö, Skåne, Sweden to Anders Jönsson and Hanna Nilsdotter. At the age of 30, while working as a maid, she had a daughter out of wedlock at the workhouse in Malmo. In about 1887 her daughter was sent off to live with her sister Johanna in California and a few years later, on May 24, 1891, Karna married Rasmus Andersson. Karna and Rasmus had a daughter Anna Matilda Carolina Andersson on Feb 7, 1892, just shy of 9 months after their marriage. Rasmus died five years later and Anna, like her sister before her, was also sent off to Oakland. Karna died on May 26, 1902 in Malmö Karoli, Skåne, Sweden.