Laura "Lorry" Loveland (1795-1866)
Father Isaac Loveland (1761-1832)
Mother Judith Holden (1764-1842)
Vital Information
Born Jun 18, 1795 in Southfield, Berkshire, Massachusetts
Married Lyman Hunt (1790-1860) - Jan 8, 1815 in Otis, Berkshire, Massachusetts
Died Nov 15, 1866 in Andrew County, Missouri
1 Charlotte Hunt (1816-?) m. John Durkee White
2 Orlando Hunt (1821-?)
3 Clarinda Hunt (1823-?)
4 Laura Hunt (1824-1896) m. Amos White
5 Anna Hunt (1825-?)
6 Louisa Hunt (1827-?)
7 Minerva Hunt (1831-?)
8 Joseph Hunt (1841-?)

Laura Loveland, who sometime went by Lorry, was the daughter of Isaac Loveland and Judah Holden. Her father had been a soldier during the revolution when he was young, before he married her mother, and later worked hard as a farmer. When still young, while Lorry was still living her parents, her father began to have "fits", which were most likely seizures. They became so bad that he was unable to work. This may have a form of epilepsy or he had started to show signs of a disease or disorder like ALS. She met and married her husband in Otis, Massachusetts in 1815. By about 1820 they were living in Jefferson County, New York where some of their children were likely born before moving to Portage County, Ohio before 1827, possibly as early as 1824. She was living in Andrew County, Missouri in 1860 and shed died there in 1866 and was buried at White Cemetery near Whitesville.