Millie Caroline Pate (1809-?)
Father Booker Pate? (1776-1844)
Mother unknown
Vital Information
Born 1809 in Mississippi or Tennessee
Married John Bowles (1802-1859)
Died Aft 1880 in est Uvalde Co., Texas
1 Pvt Hiram R. Bowles (1827-1874)
2 James F. Bowles (1829-?)
3 John B. Bowles (1832-?)
4 William Bowles (1837-?)
5 Caroline Bowles (1837-1893)
6 Greenville P. Bowles (1838-?)
7 Emeline Bowles (1839-?)
8 David C. Bowles (1840-?)
9 Maria Bowles (1842-?)

Several genealogies note that she is the daughter of a Booker Pate (1776-1844), and granddaughter of Anthony and Millie Pate. However, none of these seem to have any documentation to confirm this. There is a document from Sparta, White, Tennessee dated 31 Aug 1827 that listed the children of Anthony Pate as the following:

  1. Walleroy Pate
  2. Milley Pate
  3. Stephen Pate
  4. Rhoda, wife of Jno Anderson
  5. Fanny, wife of Jas C. Ferguson
  6. Jane, wife of Jas Carter
  7. Agnes, wife of John Thomason
  8. Booke Pate
  9. Sabe Pate

The Booker listed here as "Booke", son of Anthony Pate, is very likely the Booker Pate that was listed in White County, Tennessee in the 1830 census. His household included only one man, himself, aged 20-29, putting his birth at between 1801-1810. His wife was of the same age, he also listed two girls under the age of 5 and a slave girl under the age of 10. The 1827 document refers to an agreement between Anthony Pate and a man named Marble Stone in 1795 in which Anthony entrusted Mr. Stone with purchasing several slaves for him and that Mr. Stone put up the money for this purchase with the intent that Pate would cover the cost. However, in 1827 it is claimed that the cost was never reimbursed after Stone put up the funds in 1806. The 1806 date suggests that the death date of Anthony Pate in 1805, although not yet confirmed elsewhere, may be correct and the 1806 exchange of funds may have been in part due to the settling of the estate. Anthony is listed as deceased in the 1827 document at least.

This tells us that Millie, born in about 1809 according to the 1850, 1870, and 1880 census records, could not have been the daughter of Booker, born between 1801-1810. We might think that she was the "Milley Pate" listed in the 1827 record. However, we know that she could not be that Millie either because the record is dated 31 Aug 1827 and the first child of our Millie was born in February 1827, she was already married to John Bowles when the record was written and, therefore, would have been listed with her husband as her married sister had been. Could our Millie have been the daughter of one of the other sons - Willeroy or Stephen? There is nothing to suggest that yet. It's also possible that she has routinely been confused with another Pate family altogether due to the similarity of her name.

Note: Interestingly there is also a Willeroy Pate and Booker Pate listed among the tax records of Blount County, Tennessee in 1805. Blount County is about 100 miles west of White County. While Willeroy could possibly be the same person, Booker would have only been a child of no more than 5 if he had even been more yet.

So what DO we know about Millie? We know that she was born in about 1809 in either Tennessee or Mississippi. The 1850 and 1880 census says Tennessee, the 1870 says Mississippi. We can guess that Tennessee is the correct location being that more documents indicate it and that we know Millie lived in Mississippi later in her life, and therefore the record in 1870 may have just been unclear or confused when taken. We don't have a confirmed birth date or place, or a confirmed marriage date or place, but we first find her in the 1850 census living in Milam County, Texas, wife of John Bowles. John can also be found, while presumably married to Caroline, in Itawamba County, Mississippi in the 1837 State Census and the 1840 Federal Census. We can gather, based on the births of her children record in later records of their lives, that Millie and her family only moved to Mississippi sometime shortly before 1837 from Alabama where all but one of their remaining children born.