Nancy "Nannie" P. Jones Poff (1858-1890)

Nancy "Nannie" P. Jones was born in Madison, Indiana on December 4, 1858 to Charles Wesley Jones and Deborah Ann Hastings shortly before the family moved to Texas in 1860. She married Henry Poff in Emblem, Texas in 1886 and quickly started a family, having sons in 1887 and 1888. But their little family didn't last long, Nannie died on February 12, 1890. It was just four years after they married and she was only 32. Her husband died just a few months after her, leaving their two infant sons alone. It's unclear what happened to them, who they lived with, but they continued on in Hopkins County and lived their entire lives in the area. The youngest, Charlie, died when he was just 36 years old, but Johnie married, possibly twice, and lived a long life.

Henry and Nannie had at least two sons, they are:

  1. John "Johnie" William Poff (1887-1960)
  2. Charlie "Pat" Henry Poff (1888-1924) never married



  1. Narrative: Maternal Lineage of John D. Jones

Vital Records

  1. Peerless Cemetery in Hopkins County, Texas
  2. Texas Death Index: Death Certificate of son Johnie William Poff in 1960
  3. Texas Death Index: Death Certificate of son Charlie Henry Poff in 1924
  4. Texas Marriage Index: to Henry R. Poff in Hopkins County on July 25, 1886