Oakland Tribune - Oakland, Alameda, California (1874-Present)

The Oakland Tribune has been the primarily newspaper of Oakland, California since it was founded in 1874. The following are articles in the Oakland Tribune which directly reference a member of my extended family.

August 14, 1895

Mrs. W. B. Sheldon and Miss Josephine Sheldon have gone on a visit to Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Pasadena.


September 2, 1896

The Misses Sheldon have returned to Oakland after a sojourn of several weeks at Santa Monica and Los Angeles.


September 10, 1900

Mrs. W. B. Sheldon and daughters are home from Catalina Island.


September 4, 1906 (society page)


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moe, Miss Josephine Sheldon, Mr. and Mrs. Victor A. Boell, Miss Verna Boell, Mr. and Mrs. William Irving have all returned after a two week visit at McCray's near Cloverdale.


November 18, 1906 (News of the Smart Set)


Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Sheldon celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of their wedding last Thursday evening at their home on Linden Street. Among the guests who were bidden to the delightful affair were: Rev. and Mrs. Henry Baker, Washington D.C.; Mr. and Mrs. William Campbell, New York; Mr. and Mrs. John Campbell, New York; Miss Laura Campbell, New York; Mr and Mrs. Quinton J. Trotter, Vancouver B.C.; Mr. and Mrs. W. Melvin Gow, Vancouver, B.C.; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Miller, Boston; Frank Miller, Boston; Mr. and Mrs. William Campbell, Nova Scotia; Mrs. William J. Lockhart, Nova Scotia, Mrs. E.C. Dubocq, New York; Mr. and Mrs. George Mosher, Palo Alto; Miss Ailene Mosher, Palo Alto; Mr. and Mrs. John Crossland, Mayfield; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Crippen, Mayfield; Mrs. E. Franklin, Stockton, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Sheldon, Miss Josephine Sheldon, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Moe; Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Clucas, San Francisco, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Libbing, San Francisco; Misses Nattia, Mabel and Laura Libbing, San Francisco; N. L. Chase, San Francisco; Mr. and Mrs. F. V. Carman, Miss Blanche Burke, Walter Land, P. H. Murphy, San Francisco; John Pringle, O. Bergsten, Mrs. Violet Clack, Miss Clara Rossi, Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Austin, Misses Ida and Birdie Austin, Masters George and Ralph Yager; Masters Paul and Frank Simmy, Mrs. Euphemia Monck, Misses Euphemia, Olive and Elva Monck, Mr. and Mrs. George Sheldon, Misses Grace, Hazel and Flossie Sheldon, Master Sheldon, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Gemmell, Mr. and Mrs. George Yager, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Sunkler, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rossi, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Duncan, Robert Duncan Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Paul Simmy, Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Elben, Miss Etta Elben, Mr. and Mrs. William Sheldon, Miss Ida Sheldon, Miss Leila Sheldon, Mr. and mrs. T. S. Sullivan, Vallejo; Miss Nellie Rule, Vallejo, Richard Rule, Vallejo; Charles Williams.


February 4, 1908


Gather About Happy Pair and Make Merry Over Occasion for Celebration
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Sheldon celebrated their fity second wedding anniversary at the family home, 1372 Seventh Street where the couple were given a surprise party. About fifty friends and relatives extended felicitations to Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon.

About thirty two years ago Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon emigrated from Brooklyn to this city. They are pioneer settlers of Oakland and are well known. Mr. Sheldon has been connected with the Southern Pacific Railroad company for the past thirty years.

Among those who extended greetings to Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon were Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Noe, Miss Emily Nor, Miss Freda Nor, Otto Crossfield, Mr. and Mrs. V. Ritschy, Mr. and Mrs. F. Neuraher, Mr. and Mrs. Capt. Moe, Dr. and Mrs. W. G. Mobley, Mr. and Mrs. J. Burnham, Mr. and Mrs. Dr. W. K. Sanborn, Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Patterson, Miss Annie Peterson, Miss Carrie Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Robet Duncan, Mr. and Mrs. George Sheldon, Mr. and Mrs. L. Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cannes, Mrs. Euphemia Monck, Miss Elva Monk, Miss Fannie Monk, Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Noe, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Peacock, Miss Lessie Johnson, Miss Crevia Johnson, Will Crossman, Edward Crossman, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Sheldon, Miss Laura Bronson, Miss Nellie Bronson, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wilkinson, Misses Nople. The grand children present were Mrs. Ida May Duncan, Miss Leila Sheldon, Miss Euphamia Monk, Miss Elsa Monk, Miss Grace Sheldon, Miss Hazel Sheldon, Wallace Sheldon, Miss Flossie Sheldon. The sons and daughters who assisted in making the affair a success were Mrs. Euphemia Monk, Mrs. Chas Moe, Miss Josephine Sheldon, W. W. Sheldon, George Sheldon.


February 2, 1911

Celebrate Fifty-Fifth Anniversary of Wedding.

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace B. Sheldon celebrated the fifty-fifth anniversary of their marriage Tuesday evening at their home 2372 Seventh Avenue, four generations being represented in the forty or more guests in attendance.

Sheldon, who was until two years ago superintendent of railway construction for the Southern Pacific Railroad Company and his wife, were married in Brooklyn, N. Y. January 31, 1856. They came to California in 1875, settling in San Francisco, where they remained for five years, when they came to Oakland. For the last thirty-one years they have made their home in the same house. They are both hale and strong, though in their 75th year. There is only three months difference in their ages.

Upon his arrival in California, Sheldon started in the employ of the Southern Pacific and soon rose to the rank of superintendent of construction, which he held until two years ago, when he was placed on the retiring list with a pension.

Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon have five children living; all in Oakland. They are William W. Sheldon, Mrs. Euphemia Monck, George L. Sheldon, Mrs. Charles O. Moe and Miss Josephine Sheldon. The third generation was represented by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Duncan, Mrs. Duncan is the daughter of William W. Sheldon. Sheldon Forbes Duncan, 6 months old, was the representative of the last generation.


March 18, 1915

[front page of the Business section]
Pioneer Passes - Was Engineer

Wallace B. Sheldon, pioneer of Oakland and well-known construction engineer of the Southern Pacific Company, passed away at his home, 1386 Seventh Street yesterday evening, after an illness of two years. The funeral will be held from ?—? tomorrow afternoon. The interment will be in Mountain View cemetery. Sheldon had not been engaged in active work for the company for a number of years, as he had been placed on the pension list seven years ago. He came to California in 1875, when he settled in San Francisco. He had charge of the work on Mark Hopkins mansion in Nob Hill. He also was in charge of the construction of the hotel at Del Monte.

After residing in San Francisco for five years, he moved to Oakland where he resided in the same house since 1880. He was employed by the Southern Pacific Company shortly after his arrival in Oakland, and while with them did some conspicious construction work. His first was the construction of the wharf at Santa Monica, and also was actively connected with the construction of the Southern Pacific stations at Sacramento, San Antonio, Texas, Redlands and Berkeley.

Sheldon is survived by a wife and five children, all of whom are residents of Oakland. His children are William W. Sheldon, George L. Sheldon, Mrs. Euphemia Monck, Mrs. Charles O. Moe and Mrs. Oscar Bergsten. Services will be read over the decedent tomorrow afternoon by Rev. William K. Towner, rector of the First Baptist Church, of which Sheldon was a member. The deceased was 78 years of age.


March 3, 1918

At a pretty wedding Thursday evening Miss Lillian Ross, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Ross, became the bride of Edwin L. Porter.

The setting for the ceremony, which was witnessed only by relatives and about thirty very close friends, was the Ross home, attractively decorated for the occasion. Giant ferns were used as a back-ground for masses of dainty white carnations. The impressive marriage ceremony was read by Rev. K. G. Murroy of the First Presbyterian church of this city.

The bride wore a handsome gown of gray satin made in dancing length and elaborated with lace and an embroidered design of seed pearls. Her only jewel was a lavaliere of pearls and diamonds.

Miss Ross was attended by her sister, Miss Elsie Ross, who was gowned in an exquisite effect of white and blue. Her bouquet was a shower of September Morn roses and maidenhair ferns, a brother of the bride was the best man.

Following the marriage an informal wedding supper was served.

Among those who were present were Mr. and Mrs. W. Watson, Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Anderson, Earl S. Porter, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Christenna, Robert Sowersby, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad E. Johnson Sr., Mrs. Annette Johnsen, Harold Hagen, Mrs. A. M. Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Ross, F. W. L. Edwards, Miss Dorothy Brown, Oscar Johnsen, Leonard Ross, Miss Elsie Ross, Gordon Ross, Miss Janette Deubner, Miss Corn Christianson, Miss Courine Johnsen, Mrs. P. McMahon, Mrs. J. Silva and family and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bischoff.


September 15, 1931 (obituaries)

SHELDON - In Oakland, September 14, 1931. Mary C., widow of the late Wallace B. Sheldon, mother of W. W. and George L. Sheldon, Mrs. Charles O Moe, Mrs. Oscar Bergsten and the late Mrs. Euphemia Monck, a native of Brooklyn, New York.
Funeral and interment private.


October 7, 1947 (obituaries)

WICKBERG — In Oakland, October 6, 1947, William D. Wickberg, beloved son of William A. and Alice Wickberg; brother of Mrs. Alice Acton; grandson of Marie Herbenson and Conrad Wickberg. A native of Oakland, aged 26 years. A veteran of World War II.
Friends are invited to attend the services at the Grant D. Miller Mortuaries, Inc. East 14th Street, corner 24th Avenue, Oakland, Wednesday, October 8, 1947 at 2 o'clock p.m. Interment, Evergreen Cemetery.