Peter Haun (1793-1873)
Father John Haun (1770-1846)
Mother Mary
Vital Information
Born June 8, 1793 on the Ohio River
Married Jane Moody (1800-1879) - August 27, 1818 in St. Charles County, Missouri
Died March 20, 1873 in Santa Clara County, California
1 Zimiriah "Zimry" Haun (1822-1890) m. Elizabeth Whisman
2 unknown son (born between 1820-1825) - per 1830 census
3 Mary Ann Haun (1824-1903) m. William D. Hudson
4 unknown son (born between 1825-1830) - per 1830 census
5 Huldah Haun (1826-1914) m. William Loftridge Joyce
6 Matilda Haun (1828-1899) m. Andrew Jackson Moody Sr and Lewis Gardner
7 Elizabeth Jane Haun (1831-1912) m. Christopher Mann
8 John Moody Haun (born 1840)
9 Mahala Frances Haun (1844-1928) m. Marcus Lafayette Cave

Peter Haun was born somewhere on the Ohio River on June 8, 1793 to John and Mary Haun. He was married in St. Charles County, Missouri on August 27, 1818 to Jane Moody. Their marriage was recorded as follows:

Territory of Missouri, County of St. Charles

Be it remembered that on the twenty seventh day of August One Thousand Eight hundred and Eighteen. I joined Peter Haun and Jinny Moody in the Holy State of Matrimony - parental concent having been [illegible] given [illegible] my hand -

- John B. Callaway, J. Peace

Recorded this 5 day of March 1819

In 1830 his family is listed in Charette, Montgomery County, Missouri. He is listed with 8 people under 20 years old, most of whom are likely children. Interestingly, there are no women in the house to match his wifes age. Perhaps she was away at the time as she must have still been alive - she is listed in later census records by name and we know that their daughter Eliza was born in April of 1831. Several other Haun relatives are living near by. In 1840 they are listed in Persia, Boone County, Missouri. The town of Persia, founded in 1820 just west of Columbia, Missouri, no longer exists but was once thought to be an up and coming city. In Persia he had moved away from the rest of the family, no other known relatives are listed on his page. I have not yet found him in 1850 although we believe he may have already been in California by this time. He is also not found in the 1852 California state census, but this is not complete. But by 1860 he was living in the city of Santa Clara and working as a gardener. With him and his wife are just two of their children - John and Mahala. In 1870 he is still listed in the city of Santa Clara, but now with only his wife and son John M. He died in Santa Clara County, California on March 20, 1873.

Peter and Jane are buried together with twin stones made from a single large piece of stone at the Mission City Memorial Park in the city of Santa Clara.


Cemetery Records

  1. Find-a-Grave

Census Records

  1. 1830 Census: Charette, Montgomery County, Missouri
  2. 1840 Census: Persia, Boone County, Missouri
  3. 1860 Census: Santa Clara, Santa Clara County, California
  4. 1870 Census: Santa Clara, Santa Clara County, California

Voter Registration

  1. 1867: Peter Haun of Santa Clara Township, Santa Clara, California