Rhode Island Compact - Portsmouth, 1639

The second Portsmouth Compact was reportedly signed by 29 men on 30 April 1639. It was a Compact of Loyalty.

"We whose names are underwritten do acknowledge ourselves the legal subjects of His Majesty King Charles, and in his name do hereby bind ourselves into a civil body politic, unto his laws according to matters of justice".

Willm Coddington
Samuell Gorton
Samuell Hutchinson
John Wickes
Richarde Maggson
Thomas Spiser
William Aspinwall
Willm Haule
John Roome
John Sloffe
Thomas Beddar
Erasmus Bullocke
Sampson Shotten
Ralph Earle
Robert Potter
Nathanyell Potter
Wm Heauens
George Cleare
George Lawton
Anthony Paine
Jobe Haukins
Richard Awards
John More
Nicholas Brown
William Richardson
John Trippe
Thomas Layton
Robert Stainton
John Brigges
James Davice
Henry Bull