Sacramento Daily Union (Sacramento, California)

June 20, 1876

ASSAULT TO MURDER - The San Jose Mercury of June 17th has the following:

For some time there has been bad blood between August Gebaily and John Guerraz, two sheep herder, who have ranges in the hills about fourteen miles east of this city. Some times she sheep of one would stray upon the lands of the other, and trouble would generally ensue. The ill feeling was increased by counter accusations of theft, one charging the other with killing sheep and cattle to eat. On Monday last Gebailly brought suit against Guerraz in Judge May's Court to recover damages for the alleged misappropriation of a calf, and was beaten. On Tuesday, while Guerraz was driving his sheep over the hills, two of his cows were shot at and wounded by some person concealed in the brush. Anxious to discover the unknown adversary, Guerraz left his sheep, when a rifle ball whizzed by his ear, and looking up he observed Gebailly on the hill 150 yards distant, with rifle in hand and the smoke curling in the air above. There were no further demonstrations and Guerraz came to town and lodged two complaints before Judge Williamson, one for malicious mischief in shooting the cattle, and the other for assulat to murder. Constable DeLacy effected the arrest, and on the first charge a trial was had yesterday forenoon, which resulted in a conviction. Sentence will be pronounced this morning. On the other charge an examination took place in the afternoon, and Gebailly was held to answer before the Grand Jury, bail being fixed in the sum of $1,000.