Seletha Parker Long (1809-1899)

It is actually unclear exactly what Mrs Long's given name was, as it has never been written the same way twice in any document. The first record of her name was on her marriage certificate dated August 13, 1829 in Montgomery County, Alabama to John H. Long. On this record her name is given as "Solety Parker" and is the only known reference to her maiden name. She was "about 19 years" old when married according to her obituary, which gave her date of birth as July 4, 1809. In the 1850 federal census taken in White, Ashley County, Arkansas, her age was given as 37 (born about 1813) and her name as "Salitie Long". The 1860 census in Mill Creek, Ashley County, Arkansas gave her name simply as "S. Long". Already a widow by this point, she was living with almost all of her children. The 1870 federal census, taken in Waco, Texas, gives her name as Seletha Long, and is very clearly written in good penmanship, while her obituary in 1899 gives her name simply as "S. W. Long". The "W" could stand for Washington. Reason? My great uncle Skip once noted that a "Carlotta Washington" of Alabama was in some way connected to this family, and I think this name may have been a corruption of Seletha Washington Parker, being that the name Seletha is so unusual.

Seletha died at the home of her son "Capt. John L. Long" in Waco, Texas in 1899.

Jack and Seletha Long had eight children, they are:
1. Mary Jane Long (1830-Aft. 1880) m. James J. Carlin
2. Rebecca Long (born 1833)
3. Henry Long (born 1834)
4. Mariah Long (born 1837)
5. John Long (born 1839)
6. Elisabeth Long (born 1843)
7. John Long (born 1845)
8. James Long (born August 1850)


Census Records

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  2. 1860 Census: Long - July 1860
  3. 1870 Census: Waco, McLennan, Texas - October 3, 1870

Newspaper Articles

  1. Waco Times Herald: May 15, 1899 - obituary of "Mrs. S. W. Long"

Vital Records

  1. Alabama Marriage Index: August 13, 1829 in Montgomery County to John H. Long