Spring Grove Cemetery

Spring Grove Cemetery is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  1. Smith, Harry P, No. 49131. Born in Ohio. Last residence in Kingfisher Oklahoma Territory. Age 24 years, deceased July 30, interment August 3, 1890 2pm. Disease Typhoid Pneumonia. Parents J. W. H. and Rosana. Lot owner, heirs of J. W. H. Smith, Sec 110, Lot 375. Size and Kind of grave, Box 7' x 24". Undertaker John P. Epply, ordered by Pner P. Smith. Place of death at Kingfisher Oklahoma Territory. Relation to Owner, son. Charges: grave $6
  2. Smith, J. W. H., No 34963. Born in Ohio. Last residence in Cincinnati, Ohio. Born August 16, 1831, deceased January 11, 1881, public vault January 15, 1881, interment February 26, 1881 at 10AM. Disease, inflammation of lungs. Parents Benjamin & —- Smith. Lot owner, heirs of J. W. H. Smith. Sec 10, Lot 375. Size and kind of grave: Box 7' x 24in. Undertaker: J. P. Epply & Co. Ordered by H. S. Cone, Bradner, Ohio & Prior P. Smith, 267 W. 8th St & buried by Do. [ditto] and deld. [delineated] by him. Place of death in Charlotte, Michigan. Charges: Vt. $1, Rent $1.50, Grave $4.50.
  3. Smith, Rosa H, No 63649. Last residence in Indianapolis, Indiana. Interment July 29, 1899 7:15am. Lot Owner J. W. H. Smith heirs, sec 110, Lot 375. Size and King of Grave: 6'7" x 28". Undertaker Chas M Epply, ordered by C M Epply. Place of death at Indianapolis, Indiana. Charges $6. Removed, Indianapolis, Indiana.