William Franklin "Frank" Bort (1845-1924)
Father William Bort (1820-1876)
Mother Lydia Ann Brickell (1822-1913)
Vital Information
Born May 1845 in New York
Married Amelia Frances Smith (1852-?) - c1871
Died October 11, 1924 in Long Beach, Los Angeles, California
1 Lyddia F. Bort (born 1873)
2 John F. Bort (born 1875)
3 Milo Clifford Bort (1877-1947) m. Mary Adelle Parker


William Franklin Bort was born New York, most likely in Niagara County, in May of 1845 to William Bort and Lydia Ann Brickell. He married Amelia Frances Smith. He died October 11, 1924 in Long Beach, California.



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